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    The Rules and Post ranks for AM


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    The Rules and Post ranks for AM Empty The Rules and Post ranks for AM

    Post  Karoshi on Wed Aug 03, 2011 10:54 pm

    Our post ranks.

    Yes = Special ranks

    No = Not a special rank

    Admin - Yes
    Global Mod - Yes
    Gold Member - Yes
    Moderators - Yes
    Newbie 0 No
    rookie 1 No
    Am User -1 25 No
    Am User -2 50 No
    am senior 100 No
    Resident Elite 200 No
    Brah keep postin 500 No
    Got my message? 750 No
    Stop trollin 1000 No
    All night helper 1750 No
    Celebrate 2500 No
    Just like myself 4000 No
    My rank is my number 7000 No
    10k Excels 10000 No
    15k Awesomeness 15000 No
    20k Villain 20000 No
    25k Not hard 25000 No
    30k Trolls 30000 No
    Me skippin' 30k 60000 No
    Ya deserve admin 100000 {MAYBE}

    No Flaming Other Users Topics or Replys

    No Racism

    No Inapropriate Avatars- Racist Or Dirty

    No Reputation Boosting [ZERO TOLERANCE FOR THIS!

    No Asking For Donations While hosting a Lobby [Only Gold Members Can do this] Edit this does not apply anymore

    No Leaking Gold Content [If your a gold member you can't leak all the special downloads in the gold member forum otherwise its a 2 day ban]

    Don't Post Topics with all CAPS

    No Advertising Websites or Youtube. Only advertise youtube in youtube famous section.

    ZERO TOLERANCE FOR: Posting Downloads That Have a Virus

    No Spamming

    Don't ever post topics asking ''When will I be unbanned for the chatbox?'' You will be unbanned whenever a Admin/Mod thinks the time is right!

    No Proxys

    No Asking For Free Gold Membership

    No Foul Language

    Scamming Is not tolerated on this site, It gives you a instant IP ban.

    No Asking for donations or charging for your GFX Unless your a gold member!

    Don't Post any Staff Actions Otherwise
    Disciplinary actions will be taken.

    It's Not our Problem
    If your Mom, Dad, Friend, ETC.
    Gets you banned.

    We Don't Support Hostbooters
    If you post hacking programs
    Or any type of illegal stuff
    Disciplinary actions will be taken!

    If any rules are broken the following Can happen:

    Edit or removal of post(s)
    Edit or reset of reputation
    Removal of privileges
    The locking or deletion of topics
    Temporary/Permanent ban at staff discretion
    Edit of signature or avatar if in violation of rules
    Increase of the Warning Level
    Removal of offender's posting rights
    Suspension of the offender's user account
    Deactivation/Deletion of the offender's user account
    Restriction of an IP/IP range
    Reputation Reset
    Other punishments felt necessary by the Administrators.

    This is Updated ALOT so be sure to read every few days just incase a new rule was added!

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